Viki Zioga

art, pedagogy & research



S.P. Rituals (wip) is an investigation on spirituality, collectivity and the Erotic as defined and discussed by poet Audre Lorde.


This research started on the island of Syros, Greece where I was an artist-in-residence in summer 2019 in the context of Sounding Paths residency. During my stay, I documented acts of collective listening within different sacred spaces in Ano Syros, focusing on the intention, attention and tension of the listeners and how these manifest through their bodies during the process of listening. I converted my findings into pieces of a potential collage, a foundation for playing, creating and performing scores for collective rituals. This material intends to become a pedagogical tool for social practices, highlighting the relationship between spirituality and play, sharing, togetherness, as beautifully described by Lorde with the concept of the Erotic.