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Sound Out


a collaborative workshop with artist Amy Pickles


Sounding out is a way we learn how to connect the written word to the spoken word. In conversation, sounding out is an action to discover someone’s intentions or opinions. Sound out is a moment to rethink how we pronounce ourselves through our information technologies. In this workshop we reflect on (mis)communication within our everyday technologies. How do we listen to one another in the online space? What are the rhythmic patterns of technology-mediated collaboration?


We created this workshop for the tutors of Social Practice, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, Netherlands (2019), in connection to the de-colonializing and re-gendering syllabus critique workshop by Michelle Teran, organised by Clara Balaguer. An iteration of the workshop was realised at the feminist tech skill-share event /Eclectic Tech Carnival, held at Communitism, Athens, Greece (2019) .