S.P. Rituals (2019)

Materials for composing performance scores & listening rituals.

S.P. Rituals is an inquiry on spirituality, the collective, and the Erotic as defined and discussed by poet Audre Lorde in «Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power». During my stay in Ano Syros in the context of Sounding Paths Residency, I documented actions of collective listening in various of its sacred spaces, focusing on the intention, the attention, and the tension of the listeners and how these manifest through their bodies and movements. I used my findings to create a “catalogue” of sounds and movements, which formed the basis for collective play and compositions. In the context of a workshop I led in the Old Jesuit Monastery, participants played with the catalogue and used it to compose scores for collective rituals.

The research and the workshop was presented in an interactive installation where the catalogue and the scores were open for new interventions by the audience, to emphasize the element that bridges the spiritual and the political, which according to Lorde is the sharing of joy and feeling, playing, and the collective experience.

Presented at Sounding Paths 2019 showcase, Old Jesuit Monastery, Ano Syros (July 2019)

With great appreciation to the workshop participants: Maja Jantar, Danae Stefanou, Tytti Arola, Lia Mazzarri, Sholto Dobie, Melanie Delaney, Chris Steenson, Stefanos Syminelakis, Mara Probst, Klemens Kohlweis, Lauri Hyvärinen.