Veggera (2020)

Audiovisual installation of a trail with three points: 1. HD video (00’49’’) on tablet, knitted handiwork, treats (roasted chickpeas, raisins, raki), 2. FullHD video projection with stereo sound (07’42’’) 3. Stereo soundpiece (08’31’’) playing on headphones, light and paper sculpture (product of the workshop with the children)

Veggera investigates the role of storytelling in the development of community bonds and weaves together
old and new folk tales of Tinos island. The project is named after the Tinian tradition of veggera, which was performed mostly by women and children during winter evenings. Veggera was a social visit and the term describes not only the people’s gathering in a friendly house but also the group walk that led to it, holding lanterns to light their way. There, sitting by the fire roasting chickpeas, they listened to stories usually narrated by the older women. Our veggera was realised through a series of storytelling workshops with the students of the 3rd Elementary School of Tinos, through visitis and disucssions with female residents of the village Falata- dos, and through explorations of the Tinian landscape, walking and documenting our trails from one village to another and from one story to the next.

The audiovisual installation depicts our path, taking the visitor from the living room of giagia (grandmother) Frantzeska to the cobbled alleys of Tinian villages, and finally to the paper sculpture of a fire, which was creat- ed by the children to sit around it and compose their own contemporary tale.

Presented at Sykia Garden, Tinos (February 2020)

Concept – Production – Realisation: Viki Zioga & Nikos Kostopoulos

With the participation of the 5th grade students of the 3rd Elementary School of Tinos and the support of teachers Stelios Mportas and Penelope Diaskoufi.
Interviews with the residents of Falatados village: Anna Alverti, Marina Desypri, and Frantzeska Papagiannopoulou