My hybrid practice moves between art and education creating frameworks for collaborative investigations, such as participatory projects and experiential workshops. Starting from the politics of listening and the need to subvert the social terms of audibility, my projects aim to question and redefine the ways in which we listen and are listened to, as well as reinforce collectivity through intimacy, play, and collaboration. I often create and use scores for listening rituals, sensorial walks, and performative exercises as dialectic means that encourage the transition from the individual to the collective. 
My research interests concern ideas for the transformation of listening in the public sphere, as well as methods for organising it, the relationship of language and affect with individual and collective agency, the social and political potential of the interstices between disciplines such as visual and sound arts, social movements and pedagogy, and science fiction literature as a genre that explores what lies beyond the norms and the sociopolitical reality of the present.

Based in Thessaloniki (GR)

Co-founder of PHĒNO _space for imaginative arts practices –>

Contact me via email –> viki[at]pheno[dot]gr